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A New Play with Music



Cry Eden is a new play with music exploring the myth of Cain and Abel as the very first coming of age story. The piece examines sibling rivalry, the impulse towards violence and the struggle of growing up in a world where the rules are not quite clear. Cry Eden features The Descendants of Cain – a folk/rock band made up of the ensemble that guides our narrative and grounds it in the present day. 

Artist Bios

Artist Bios


Conceived by Patrick Barrett, Tommy Crawford and Sarah Wansley
Written by Patrick Barrett
Music by Tommy Crawford
Directed by Sarah Wansley
Choreography by Laura Brandel 

Developed with Will Cobbs, Chris Cornwell, Tommy Crawford, Kendal Hartse, Graham Halstead, Natalie Khuen, Felicia Lobo, Wheaton Simis, Alex Trow, Tony Vo and Teddy Yudain. 

Produced by Taylor Norton, Hannah Rosenthal, and Lindsay Wormser in collaboration with The Cain and Abel Project